Student Reviews

concise and helps to tease out the core valuable topics

Sangeeta Thatsuthan, PMP, Toronto

I decided to use the forced break I had to take during covid-19 quarantine and turned it into a positive outcome by taking the #30dayPMPBootcamp challenge. I started off with a Udemy course that was offered by Mr.Iqbal which I found easy to learn and comprehend. I thankfully decided to sign up for the #30day challenge and here I am PMP certified midway through summer. The course, the content, the lecture slides provided and most of all the coaching is what kept me focused, held me accountable and driven. The key thing I liked about Mr.Iqbal was although we are many time zones apart, once the course finished and I was studying on my own, he kept following up/checking in on me, answering all my questions and was very much invested and engaged in my success up until D-day. You can sign up for any prep course; however I think it's hard to find genuine coaches who are 100% invested in your success even when the course is over. I must also mention the last point: the content for studying PMP is a massive data dump on the PMP Aspirant. Sure you can study at your own pace, but it's super hard to tease out the the fine, important details. That's where the lecture notes provided in this class come in. It really spells out the key concepts and points you need to know. Thanks for helping me attain one of my long-term goal this year!

Excellent trainer, vocal, professional, knowledgeable

Shahbaz Chughtai, PMP, Kuwait

#pmp30DaysChallenge indeed is worth attending for PMP aspirants. It provides solid foundation for novices while covering needs of advanced aspirants. The course is lot more than PMBOK, blended from different sources.

Interesting and understandable

Jimmy Haris, New Zealand

Interesting and understandable content delivered by a knowledgeable and approachable professional.