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Hi there!

First of all, thank you for your time in getting this far into the document. This means you’re serious. Because you feel slightly lost just by looking at the material to study, or you’ve either tried and unfortunately couldn’t qualify for the PMP Certification, or coupled with the ‘stuff’ that you need to go through to ‘maybe’ finally ‘perhaps’ be ready ‘hope so this works!’ for the PMP Exam.

I get it. It’s really tough. And coupled with a busy office schedule, an even busier home and social life and that next promotional opportunity coming up - it becomes almost impossible to manage it all. But since you’re here, you fully comprehend how the PMP certification can really make a difference. In your job and your entire life as well.

I’m also aware that you need this now. Sometime ago, it was “I’ll get PMP Certified one day!” but as of now, things have changed so very rapidly around you. And keeping up with the industry (a feat of its own) is becoming difficult

Now that you’re here, you have two choices:

1. Leave this and go back to the life that chose you.
2. Stay and choose your life.
PMP Certification Simplified!

Now, where do I come in?

I have been working in the Project Management industry for a little over 18 years. And during this time, and especially when I was appearing for my first PMP exam, I noticed that a prerequisite for just appearing for the exam is to go over tons of study materials and then spend a huge portion of your day sifting through that material to grasp the concepts. 

This usually brings up the feeling of “I don’t think this will be enough”. And we both are very familiar to the kinds of wild goose chases and diving down rabbit holes follow afterwards.

The End Result: A loss of precious time that could have been used to further work on concepts that are essential for the PMP exam (or hanging out with your family!).

And during my professional and personal life, I constantly came across people who are struggling with the same thing – doing the exact same thing over and over again – expecting different or more efficient results – which we both know just doesn’t happen.

It’s here I realized that I have enough professional experience to help people who are struggling with the PMP exam, and in order to make sure that they know where to look when studying the exam and to have a friend nearby to help them when they are not sure.

Now, what can I do for you?

Thanks to my past experience, and learning from the experiences of others, I decided to create a course dedicated to people who want to get PMP certified and do not have the time to put into all of the guesswork – people who want to measure twice but cut only once.

And for that, I humbly present my answer - the #PMP30DaysChallenge

is designed to efficiently teach you everything you need to know and to prepare you for the PMP examination in a mere 30 days.


Some of people whom I had the honor of working with and help them achieve the PMP certification are below, with what they think about this course:

Not only teaches but rather guides his students towards excellence

Fahad Sherif, Saudi Arabia

When it comes to learn Project Management, Mr. Mudassir Iqbal is the person who fits for it. He is humble, passionate, skillful, and teaches from his personal experience. He not only teaches but rather guides his students towards excellence. The best part of him is that he not only guides you during the course but any time when you need his support, he gives his best. I am sure that who ever once take any course from him, he/she would love to continue to learn from him throughout the coming years. I wish all the best for his success.

Excellent trainer, vocal, professional, knowledgeable.

Shahbaz Ahmed, Kuwait

Excellent trainer, vocal, professional, knowledgeable. Explains with examples and references. Makes pretty good use of technology. Courses are well designed and well delivered.

The classes are very concise

Sangeeta T, Canada

The classes are very concise and helps to tease out the core valuable things to study for PMP. Instructor is always available for questions and enables all the tools available to be successful for any type of learner.

in-depth knowledge in project management principles

Rasnal Ali – Saudi Arabia

i have attended the online '30day PMP challenge' course with mr.mudassir .his in-depth knowledge in project management principles would be an invaluable one to an aspiring PMP this course i have he is ensuring that candidates have a thorough knowledge of PMBOK concepts through his well designed videos, blogs and slides. the mocks after the session and discussions on results was a truly rewarding one. i would definitely recommend mr.mudassir as a first choice trainer for anyone who wish to pass PMP exam in their first attempt.

Interesting and understandable

Jimmy Haris, New Zealand

Interesting and understandable content delivered by a knowledgeable and approachable professional.


Duane Merritt, Canada

Comprehensive and engaging trainer!

Over the course of 30 days:

  • The Course is designed considering the standards recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) with the Project Management Professional (PMP®).
  • Live Virtual 60 hours of coaching to comprehensively understand the diverse techniques involved in attempting the exam
  • The applicants will be provided with an in-depth project management understanding and training
  • help you prepare dynamically and ensure you stay on top of the critical points. This is particularly important when having less time and more work to do. 
  • You will learn the most recent project management exam methodologies from the real-world experience.
  • 35 PDU for formal project management education. You will be eligible to take the final PMP examination. 
  • 3000 + questions question bank considering the current examination.
  • We’ve teamed up with two simulators to give you realistic and updated sample questions..
  • 60 hours of online live coaching that ensure quick learning and maximize mastery and retention.
  • Quick communication with the instructor and personal guidance to track your overall progress and cover the loopholes.
  • Access to all the resources to pass the PMP examination
  • Application Submission and Audit Support
  • Supporting Material - PMP Notes Book Binder  
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Discord Support

Broad Spectrum Analysis

Below is a chart that compares different courses that can be taken up to prepare for the PMP Certification. Notice that other than the price, there are two types courses available – either a self-paced course or a 4 to 5 days session to prepare you for the entire PMP exam.

That’s ludicrous! The course content of the PMP examination is very vast, and ingesting so large a material in such a small time leads to building concepts on uneven ground, or worse, no ground at all.

A couple of questions that are usually in the minds of my readers are

  • Does the course include the 35 contact hours?

    Yes, it does.

  • Does it include the certification fee?

    No, you will have to pay the certification fee directly to PMI which is approximately $550 depending on the time you will be attempting the exam and your region.

  • Will you provide the audit and application support?

    Yes, you will be guided from filling the application till the exam schedule, and including the audit in between if it is required.

  • Will it work? Will I be finally PMP Certified?

    Yes, most definitely yes. It’s a proven method of learning, and it is designed to help people to push them to achieve it in the smartest way possible. Obviously, there is hard work involved, but we will be working smart here.

  • What if…?

    You fail? You’re already setting yourself up for failure if you start thinking ‘what happens if I don’t make it’. Believe in a DO OR DIE method that you have to achieve it even if you have to make it to the end of the world on foot. A Plan B is almost equivalent to setting yourself up for failure – as in to make sure that you actually fail.

  • But what if I don’t get it the first time?

    Don’t worry. A PMP examination has 3 attempts in one year’s time before your application expires.

  • But STILL, what if I try 3 times and still don’t get certified?

    It is highly unlikely since we trust and believe that you can get certified before that. But if in the event that you were unsuccessful in attaining your certification, you will be refunded your entire course amount. As of till date, I have not yet encountered a student that has gone through my training regiment and has failed all three times. And I do not plan on putting anyone on that list.

In a Nutshell!!

As outlined above, instead of trying to ingest a huge quantity of study material in a very short time (self-paced, 4 days online, 5 days online, 6 days online, etc.), we believe that bite-sized information is the easiest and most reliable method to train for your PMP certification. And that is why #PMP30DayChallenge was designed to answer and encompass all of these issues.

Thus, we study on a regular basis (4 days a week for 7 weeks i.e. 30 days) to make sure that the concepts that you studied in the last session are well-grounded and can be built upon or further expanded. 

We are also providing you instructor support that is with you along your entire journey from start to finish and beyond that – whatever time it takes for you to get certified.

We believe that after going through the entire course, you will be ready to take on the PMP certification with minimal hassle.


If you’re interested you will be presented with a form to be filled in. After that, we will have a short meeting on Zoom just to get to know you better and to see if the PMP certification is the right one for you.

Once that’s done, and the payment has been accepted, you will be provided immediate access to the following:

  1. E-Book
  2. Social Community Support (Facebook, Whatsapp)
  3. Q&A Banks
  4. YouTube Channel for Recorded Videos
  5. The PowerPoint slides for each session.

Course Curriculum

7 Hours Session on 5 Weekends

  • 1

    Day # 1

    • Team Introduction

    • PMI, its history and Its certification.

    • Project Manager, PMP, PMBOK

    • The Project Management Knowledge, Process Group, Knowledge Area Intrduction

    • PDCA cycle

    • PMP Eligibility, Application, Audit Process, Renewal Process

    • PMP Handbook and PMP exam content Outline

    • What is Coming in Jan 2021?

  • 2

    Day # 2

    • Process Group Details

    • Work Performance Data, Information & Report

    • Deliverable Cycle

    • Business Case & Benefits Management Plan

  • 3

    Day # 3

    • OPM

    • PMO

    • Agile

  • 4

    Day # 4

    • Chapter 1 of PMBOK ver 6

  • 5

    Day # 5

    • Project's Organization - Chapter 2

  • 6

    Day # 6

    • World of Project Manager - Chapter 3

  • 7

    Day # 7

    • Project Integration Management

  • 8

    Day # 8

    • Project Integration Management- 2

    • Project Selection Methods

  • 9

    Day # 9

    • Project Scope Management

  • 10

    Day # 10

    • Estimation Tools and Techniques

    • Data Gathering Tools and Techniques

  • 11

    Day # 11

    • Project Schedule Management

    • Scheduling Tools and Techniques

  • 12

    Day # 12

    • Scheduling Tools and Techniques -2

    • Project Schedule Management - 2

  • 13

    Day # 13

    • Project Cost Management

    • EVM

  • 14

    Day # 14

    • Project Quality Management

  • 15

    Day # 15

    • Data Representation Tools and Techniques

    • UnGroup Tools and Techniques

  • 16

    Day # 16

    • Project Communication management

    • Interpersonal Skills Tools and Techniques

    • Conflict Management

  • 17

    Day # 17

    • Project Resource Management

    • Management Theories

  • 18

    Day # 18

    • Project Risk Management

  • 19

    Day # 19

    • Project Risk Management -2

    • Project Procurement Management

  • 20

    Day # 20

    • Project Procurement Management - 2

    • Project Stakeholder Management

    • Stakeholder Tools and Techniques

  • 21

    Day # 21

    • Data Analysis Tools and Techniques

  • 22

    Day # 22 till Day # 30

    • Quizzes and Exam simulator

P.S. The PMP examination is changing in January 2021 – which means that you have a limited time to attempt this examination before you start from square one again. Do not take this opportunity lightly.

Your Coach!

Project Management Coach

Mudassir Iqbal

Hi There! I am Mudassir, a project management enthusiast, and the curator of the PMP Certification Simplified program on “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Quoting from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho I did my Bachelors in Computer Science in 2000 and then started working for a technology consulting firm. There I realized that to deliver any project successfully, I should better equip myself to understand the client’s perspective and business jargons. To fill this void, I did my MBA in 2005. Till date, and after successfully delivering several IT/IS projects in the construction, technology, finance, logistics, telecommunication and other industries around the globe, I still find that I have barely scratched the surface of Project Management. Thus, I am always sharpening and adding new tools to my belt, to make sure that I consistently deliver projects as efficiently as possible. I have the honor of training PMP Aspirants since 2007, and to further facilitate them was formed in 2017 to tackle the above (and more) under the tailor-made PMP Certification Simplified! Program. The inspiration for offering an online training course in the field of project management came from my own experience. Understanding the fact that it’s both time and energy-consuming to read several books and blogs, I came up with an idea of establishing an online training platform. The platform offers users with comprehensive training sessions to get them well-prepared for their PMP examination from PMI (Project Management Institute) and save their precious time.